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Physical Activity & Men's Health


Ross Cameron joined the Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services, as the Physical Activity Health Promotion Officer in 2014. He has a strong belief in engaging and involving young people in the program, and designs his learning activities around participation, competition and fun. Using these principles, he has seen increasing involvement by students all around the Fitzroy Valley.

During the week Ross provides support to the Health Promotion team at NCHS, takes part in the NCHS weekly Wangki Radio program and holds health promotion events within the Fitzroy Crossing community and surrounding Valley. He also organises sports groups at the Oval for young boys and girls, in an after school program. This is a great opportunity to develop talent and build positive relationships amongst the students, and is a diversionary tactic to offering alternatives that may lead to trouble.

Ross works collaboratively with Garnduwa Sport and Recreation in preparing and running sports education workshops and activities and is a regular visitor at all 12 Fitzroy Valley Schools.

Ross is happy to plan and conduct exercises programs which are specifically designed to suit the needs of a community or person. Within these programs he includes relevant health messages and discusses how many benefits increasing activity can have on chronic conditions as well as general health.

While working alongside the rest of the Health Promotion Team he is happy to get involved with promoting good health and a healthier lifestyle.

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