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Mick Mancell

The aim of the program is to implement effective and evidence-based smoking cessation programs to improve the health outcomes of the community groups in Fitzroy Valley.

By working collaboratively with communities, the program is focused on creating a safe environment for individuals and their families to seek culturally appropriate support and resources through their cessation journey.

Mick offers individual and group education sessions within the Fitzroy Valley around the harmful effects of tobacco and provides ongoing support for people undertaking this behaviour change. The goals of the program are to increase knowledge around smoking and vaping  there risks, increase smoking cessation rates, reduce the uptake of smoking among young population groups, highlight the risks of smoking when pregnant, and create smoke-free environments, such as the home and car.


If you would like any additional information on the Healthy Lifestyles Program, please contact Mick at  

Healthy Lifestyles

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