Kelly Parker

Working collaboratively in a strategic and coordinated effort, our goal is to implement and evaluate evidence based smoking cessation intervention and prevention programs, to achieve the best health outcomes for the Fitzroy valley. 

As is imperative to the Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service, program delivery will be focused around creating an environment where individuals and their families can receive culturally appropriate support and resources


Kelly Parker has come on board as the new Smoking Cessation Counselor and Health Promotion Officer for Nindilingarri Cultural health Services. Having a background in Pharmacy, she brings her experience in communicating, listening to, educating and counselling on both individual and community health questions, goals and concerns.

The program delivers education for the families of the Fitzroy valley around the harmful effects of tobacco, and provides support to people undertaking behavioral change. The aims include increasing the rates of smoking cessation, changing the notion of ‘normalcy’ around smoking, reducing the uptake of smoking among young people, educating and assisting pregnant women and families to quit smoking and create smoke-free home environments and community spaces.

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