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First Aid & Bush Medicine


Ben Storer

Our goal is to increase the capacity of community members to perform First Aid with an emphasis on wound management

Offering culturally appropriate education in first aid skills and wound management techniques as well as producing first aid kits and bush medicine to made available to the people of the Fitzroy Valley. This  provides an environment which enables community members to take timely first aid action where required. This has proven to reduce the presentation of complaints able to be managed with simple early interventions.

The Nindilingarri first aid program has had a long and successful presence in the Fitzroy Valley and since its inception has seen a number of key changes that have assisted in the program’s ability to educate in the field of first aid and wound management.

One key element of the program’s success is the distribution of various first aid supplies. The most popular of these being the “Dressing kit”. Dispersed to the public free of charge and for the benefit of the Fitzroy Valley, we have seen increased uptake and use of this vital service, demonstrating improved health outcomes from issues such as wound infection and hospitalisation from such occurrences.

Along with the distribution of first aid supplies, we provide key health information through group and one on one education sessions. The sessions are held in a relaxed and inviting manner and are based not only around wound care and management, but also in the areas of emergency first aid and the importance of hygiene in relation to overall wellbeing.

With schools being a vital part of our health promotion efforts we have devised many activities to develop the children’s knowledge and skills in the areas of first aid and skin health issues. Some of our sessions are based around soap making, first aid skills and how to use basic dressing kit supplies.

The Nindilingarri First Aid program started out with the intention to use bush medicine as part of our wound management strategies. And moving into the future we are confident we will be able to replace some of the existing items already available in our dressing packs, with locally sourced and produced bush medicine, giving a traditional approach to modern medical practices.

Ben Storer is open to community input, and is more than happy to be involved in your community and schools to hold sessions based around areas covering first aid, skin health and hygiene and also bush medicine. He is enthusiastic to collaborate with other organisations and groups in these fields.

Whether you are a community based organisation or a group of likeminded individuals looking to improve knowledge. Please feel free to contact Ben and discuss the endless possibilities of working together in partnership.

For more information email Ben at

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