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Child Health


Charlotte was the Mums and Bubs and Strong Families Officer at Nindilingarri. The program aims to improve early childhood development for children by increasing access to maternal and child health services. Charlotte works with families and communities to educate them on child and maternal health issues and parenting information.


This program provides


  • Women’s group, playgroup and school based 0 - 3 group sessions

  • Educational workshops on maternal and child health topics

  • Fun child development activities for both mum's and bubs

  • Baby bundle deliveries for newborn, 8 week, 4 month, 12 month, 2 year and starting school age children.

  • Support for parents and children


The Nindilingarri Child Health Promotion program does not provide clinical services. For clinical support please contact the Community Health Child Health Nurse on 91631728.

Charlotte is interested in working in partnership with other organisations, communities and families in the Fitzroy Valley to ensure everybody is working collaboratively so that the mothers and babies of the valley can achieve the best health outcomes possible.

If you would like any additional information about the Child Health Promotion Program, please contact Charlotte at

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